Friday, 10 May 2013


Like the rest of the old folk of Barcelona, Graham, Molly and I have taken to promenading of an evening. We meet at the Arc de Triomf and sit on the warm stone and catch up from the day,

and try to stop Molly running into bicycles and

watch the bubbles catching the light and the pale blue mountains through the arch.

and spin round the park Parc de la Ciutadella, sometimes with a quick beer at the kiosk and watch the fountains, Molly tends to look rabid by this point. Mouth foaming, filthy dirty and wet from the fountains and people start to avoid her. It's a success if she hasn't bumped into someone's white trousers at this point.

and back, we live half way down, to the left of the arc now in Sant Pere, Graham reckons he is not holding his tummy in, not sure why he is looking so awkward then?!

so its we three


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